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Why I’m done waiting for Monday

I’ve lost out on so many opportunities to go out there and show up for myself and, in some cases, for others as well. In exercise, in business, and in relationships, procrastinating or extending the start date can sometimes be the proverbial shot in the foot. I am done waiting for Monday and here’s why:… Continue reading Why I’m done waiting for Monday


This is definitely NOT how I imagined my experience as a first time mom would be – lonely, frustrated and riddled with grief. I have heard it said many times, that being a stay-at-home mom is a rewarding but often a very lonely experience. I just never imagined it to be my reality and definitely… Continue reading Robbed

Birth Story – Yadah Milton

My lovely love. My darling child. So sweet. So determined. So gentle. She fills my heart with so much joy when I think of how great God has been in her life. We’re definitely broker than we were before she came alone and yet so much richer for having her in our lives. It all… Continue reading Birth Story – Yadah Milton

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